The specialized R & D team selects functional raw materials from all over the world to meet market demand-oriented product research and development with thousands of product reserve formulas.
1.Strong technical research and development
More than 20 years of industry experience, 30,000 square meters of plant area, 100,000 grade aseptic workshop. Annual production capacity of 15 million bags of granules, 500 million tablets, 500 million capsules, 15 million bags of tea, annual production capacity of 3600 tons.
2.Strong production capacity
With multi-function one-step granulator, microwave dryer, boiling dryer, multi-functional pulverizer, automatic capsule filling machine, tablet press, cartoning machine, three-dimensional shrinking machine and other production equipment.
3.Advanced production technology
Production management according to GMP standards, from raw materials to finished products, qualification audit, process quality inspection, and control
4.Excellent quality control
Based on the customer's individual needs, conduct product research and development proofing, provide accurate marketing solutions, each link has senior staff one-to-one tracking service
5.One-stop service
Xi'an Heming Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.
Xi'an Heming Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. was established
Obtained GMP certification for health foods, obtained production licenses for health products, cosmetics and disinfection products
Obtained national invention patent certificate
2014-2019 Gold-Ling Brand Gold-Ling Weight Loss Granules obtained the national invention patent certificate, acquired the European and American Asian slimming products factory, and obtained the first registered health food approved by Shaanxi Food and Drug Administration-Hexianzi Vitamin E soft capsule.
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